How to Generate Clients: From Very Effective Email Marketing

When it comes to generating sales, it’s no secret that email marketing is at the top of our list of the best tools and resources for that.
With solid strategy and right practices, you can turn this tool into a high-performance sales and deal-making machine.
But this was another kind of change and success doesn’t happen in a night or two, but to learn how to generate leads from email marketing you have to find the most effective people, methods and techniques to achieve any positive outcome of any kind.

Why should you know how to generate leads from email marketing?

Of course, before we explain to you how, we must explain to you why, in order to take care of this aspect of sales generation in the first place.
If you didn’t know, most if not all of the brands in the arena now are tech or even healthcare companies, relying on email as a media and communication medium with their customers, whether to promote or build a mutual relationship with them.
The reason for this is that the quality and value of customers or deals generated and completed via email is far superior to any other marketing channel.
According to statistics, 73% of the current generation prefer e-mail as a means of dealing with their favorite brands.
Statistics also indicate that 48% of marketing experts rely on email as an effective method and strategy for generating leads and deals.
The process is cumulative and continuous, and you need correct practices in which you take the shortest ways to enhance the quality and quantity of potential customers for your company from email marketing, which will return to you with the following:

  • Accurately target the desired clients.
  • Raise public awareness of your brand.
  • More sales and deals lead to a higher percentage of regular customers, which means a higher return on profit in the long run.

Now let’s get to know a great set of tips that will enable you to achieve this as quickly as possible.

How to Generate Clients from Email Marketing (12 Tips)

1) Optimize and direct efforts according to the customer’s scorecard

A huge part of the success of any marketing effort is getting the right audience at the right time with the right message.
The so-called Lead Scoring helps you with this; To make sure you target and attract the highest quality customers and return every time.
Customer Score is a way to help you prioritize and segment leads, which means you’ll ensure that you’re sending your mail to the most receptive customer ready to receive it!
Email Automation systems help you rank your customers according to their interest and need for your offerings.
To make this point easier to understand, imagine that a potential customer has seen a product on your website. This makes him more and more likely to complete the purchase if you target him with an email giving him a 25% discount on this product.
If this customer is not already on your mailing lists, you can use this opportunity to register for them by displaying a pop-up message as they leave the product page, and so on.

2) Design concise and tidy postcards

The first basics of how to generate leads from email marketing is to have that email stylized.
Keep in mind that your customers receive tens and hundreds of messages per day in their inbox; So you want your message to be short and direct, and at the same time, eye-catching. This will only be done with an elaborate and elegant design, provided that the design itself is not a distraction from the content of the message itself.

Here are some tips for that:

1. Use abstract lines: Your mailings should not be overblown. What is important is that it is easy to read; So use clear abstract lines.
2. Use a simple design: Choose an uncluttered and simple template so that your messages are eye-pleasing, and therefore authoritative and straightforward to the reader.
3. Pay attention to font formatting: Use well-spaced writing and highlight the most important information as much as possible so that readers can easily absorb the message.
4. Set a clear action message – CTA: The action button should be easy to see and press, especially for mobile customers.

3) Keep the message content short and concise

As we said in the previous point, your customers receive unpredictable messages every day, and you want them to read and interact with your message; So you have to give them a short and attractive message as we explained.
But when it comes to content, if possible, you can dispense with text, and include more visuals or images because they are more attractive than text messages.
You can also make the content of your email more fun and potentially interesting to get your customers to interact with it, thus getting more subscriptions and deals from it.

Make the content valuable too.

Instead of sending any tampering just to have a message sent to your customer, make this content valuable and relevant to that recipient. Remember that hyper-targeted content turns the recipient from a mere reader into an active and passionate user.
As we said, there are millions of others who would like that customer to click on their messages and lend them his time and attention. Either you are special and add something exceptional to him, or he does not notice your presence at all.
This can only be done by studying and understanding the mentality and needs of customers. This is whether by checking the weaknesses, needs, or challenges they face, or knowing their tendencies and interests, or anything that enables you to produce content that revolves around the intent and interest of this reader.
If we say that your audience is budding entrepreneurs, then probably the biggest challenge for them is how to build a successful brand, or – like you now – how to generate customers from email marketing.
Here, you can take advantage of this need for knowledge to provide adequate and high-quality content to help them overcome this challenge, such as free books, articles, free lectures, and others, whether in one message or through a series of messages that reach them directly to their inbox.

4) Captivate your readers with captivating headlines

Attractive titles influence readers to click, read, and finally interact with the message. For example, a message titled “20% off all your purchases today” can prompt the receiving customer to quickly open and check the message, and take advantage of the offer.
To generate more quality and quantitative leads from email marketing, make sure your messages are short and concise. It should also reflect the purpose of the message, and create a sense of urgency such as using a “limited time offer” or “exclusive offer for today” and so on, with the title not exceeding 30 or 50 characters in length.
Even if you are not the best ad content creator, you can still turn a boring, dull headline into an interactive and interesting one by adding motivational verbs or adjectives for customers.
Remember that the headline is half the success of your email marketing campaigns, so you either get your customers’ attention with it, or they don’t care at all.

5) Always use strong action calls to action

Just as you will care about the design and title of your mailing letter, you should also be interested in including a clear and complete call to action that readers can see and interact with.
To incorporate a strong invitation into your messages, use creative, non-repetitive language to capture the interest of recipients and encourage them to engage with your invitation.
The most effective invitations are those that combine suspense or mystery and haste; It is hard to overlook and at the same time urges readers to take action, thus improving and raising customer conversions.

Here are tips to help you do that:

1. Use a text with an action: Lead your reader into your email to conclude with an affirmative action such as “Get the discount,” “Reserve your seat,” “Try for free,” or “Want to learn more?” And so on.
2. Keep the invitation short: If the postal message itself should be kept short and concise, the call to action should be as well. No more than three words, and in case of emergency, no more than six as a maximum.
Add a touch of urgency: use words like “3 seats left,” “shop now,” “60% off for today only,” and so on; To create a state of urgency and a sense of urgency for your customer, thus increasing click-through rates on your messages.

6) Utilize social media channels

Marketing channels on your brand’s social media platforms can be a very effective and efficient tool in maximizing the length of your mailing lists.
You can add calls to action on your accounts on these platforms, and schedule daily posts to help you promote your free downloads or purchases such as books, discount codes, free reports, or whatever; Thus, you get potential clients without much effort.
Moreover, you can add your accounts on social media platforms included in your mails; Thus, double your audience on social platforms and your mailing lists at the same time.
To save yourself a great deal of effort and time, you can take advantage of Facebook Marketing Tools or Twitter Marketing Tools and the like.

Here are other ways you can use your social media accounts to build your mailing lists:

  • Add content upgrades to your posts, then promote them on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
  • Add registration buttons or subscription forms to your Facebook page to make it easier for your audience to subscribe to your mailing list with a single click.
  • Use Facebook, Instagram or other ads to multiply your mailing list faster.
  • Add a Click-to-tweets button to promote your content so that your subscribers can share your featured content with their circles and thus double your traffic.

7) Keep your mailing list organized and up to date

An organized and up-to-date menu means faster and less complicated access to the right customer with the right message, thus converting them into sustainable customers. So you should keep all your project contacts and email addresses up to date and free from any false or outdated information.
There are plenty of companies that offer mailing list optimization services, where they clean, tidy, and update your lists to make sure your messages to your customers don’t end up in spam or ignored files.
Some of these services are a little pricey, but they are definitely worth a try!

These services are like:

8) Avoid using a “no-reply” mailing address

Just as companies may flood their customers’ inboxes with promotional messages that have neither first nor last, the opposite also often happens, the company may also find itself drowning in unvalued or important messages from its customers.
To prevent this scenario from happening, companies use a no-reply mailing address to send their promotional messages to their customers.
Which is not the most successful strategy. If you want to build a relationship based on trust and effective communication between you and your customer, do not send him a message telling him not to answer it!
The reason is not only psychological, that the customer feels rejected, ignored, or otherwise, but that he also does not trust this type of message and considers it unspecified and random, not to mention that it limits his opportunity to respond and interact – if he wishes!
The result is that you lose an important customer, or lose their trust in you forever.

9) Use Email Automation

Automating or automated sending of email messages means using specialized software to send large amounts of email messages to a specific group of recipients at a specific time.
This automated dispatch helps you set up – and forget – effective email marketing strategies so you can free yourself up for other tasks, and it also gives you the ability to customize your messages. Which ultimately means better performance and higher output.
One or some of these actions your customers can take can be targeted to send them these automated messages. And be like this:

  • When you sign up for your mailing list. 
  • When purchasing one of your items.
  • When registering for a service. 

10) Run -split tests to increase click and open rates

Implementing separation and segmentation tests for your mail messages is important to improve both its content and its overall advertising strategy. There is always something you can develop and modify from. By testing and experimenting with different templates of your emails, you will be able to find the one that works best in increasing conversion rates.
In all of this, the important thing is that you know exactly what you’re targeting with this measurement. Don’t let the issue float, otherwise how will you measure and test its performance? The test factor here could be either the message title, message content, call-to-action button, design template, or something else.
Once you’ve decided which factors to start with, you’ll later be able to use the measurement tools included in your email marketing software or platform.

11) Set messages to make it easier to read on phones

53% of emails are opened on mobile phones. That is, more than half of the world’s inboxes are linked to mobile devices; This is because customers prefer to check out what’s new quickly and effortlessly.
Information like this tells you that your interest in how your customers see the mail you send to them on these devices is just as important as your knowledge of how to generate leads from mail marketing in the first place.
Take care of the different screen sizes, font type and size, loading speed, how the design appears on these screens, button positions, and anything that improves the click-and-read experience and customer interaction with your message.

12) Aim for the right time

Yes, your desire tells you to send messages all day, all week, month and year. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. That is, not even all days of the week are suitable for sending your mail, let alone all hours of the day are suitable for this.
Unfortunately, there is no fixed date or time on which to measure which times are best to send messages, but the good news is that you can measure and test this by experimenting with different sending dates to see which are more effective in terms of click-and-engagement.
In the end, it remains to be clear that the previous tips showed their effectiveness in improving and upgrading the rates of customer generation and sales from mail marketing for many companies from different fields.
Although each case is different, applying these tips can greatly contribute to turning your simple email into an unrivaled lead generation machine!

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